Article on Albani in Professional Journal "TUDALIT No. 13" - September 2015


„Großes Potential für die Zukunft sieht Geschäftsführer Alexander Albani in der Entwicklung von textilen Bewehrungen für Beton: „Die Flexibilität und die Leistungsfähigkeit des Werkstoffes wird sich bei gleichzeitiger Schonung der Ressourcen durchsetzen und den Bauingenieuren die Möglichkeit größerer Gestaltungsfreiheit geben.“    Read more…


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Kindly note: As the link above guides you to a German-language journal, please find below the translation of the article dealing with Albani Group:



"Investment and innovation at Albani Group

 - manufacturing of carbon textile on new Karl-Mayer-Malimo machines -


Company Albani was established in 1950. As a family-run company in the textile sector, Albani Group is firmly rooted in Augsburg, Germany.


Focus and outstanding expertise is on own production of warp knitted goods and developing cross-product concepts. The company is the creative leader within the range of textile window design and increasingly successful in other areas of textile furnishing in the middle market segment.


In the last years, Albani Group built up a further business division that is tailored to the specific requirements of the growing market of technical textiles.


The sales regions range from Germany across Europe to overseas. 80% of the sales are currently done in the home and household textiles sector, 20% are being achieved with technical textiles and warp-knitted lace and fabrics for the fashion for women’s wear.


In the field of technical textiles the product variety ranges from simple insect screens, grass collecting nets up to innovative laminates for seating and acoustic applications for the purpose of noise reduction; furthermore: knitted fabrics reinforcement for tubes, pattern knitted fabrics based on needled nonwovens, new developments for sun shading technologies in cars.


Activity in technical textiles will expand in the next years. By encouraging investments, Albani Group makes sure that it comes up with constantly increasing requirements in versatility, functionality and characteristics of new products. Thus, in mid-2015, in the production site in Czech Republic, a 320cm wide lamination and coating machine as well as a 320cm wide digital printing machine were installed. These machines complete the already existing equipment of finishing, making-up and confection capacities.


By this Albani Group offers an almost unique variety of production technologies and logistics offers. Seeing great potential in the development of textile concrete reinforcements, managing director Alexander Albani says: “Flexibility and performance of this material will save resources and give civil engineers the possibility of more artistic licence.”


The fundament for further development and growth in the textile concrete sector was set up by investment in two Karl-Mayer-Malimo weft insertion machines, both now placed in the production site in the Czech Republic. Production of wide-ranging carbon grids for concrete reinforcement will take place there, in likewise manner biaxial open grid structures for special applications. By variation of weft insertion, it is also possible to realize different thread and diameter sizes in warp-knitted fabrics.


The basis of success of textile reinforcements can be seen in the cooperation with TUDALIT e.V., thanks to sharing knowledge, experiences and developing common strategies.


Albani Group is already working with Dresden University of Technology, RWTH Aachen University and other partners in joint projects. However, only through common goal-oriented effort the project of “reinforced textile concrete” can advance and become successful.



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