HITEXBAU GmBH - Techncally InnovativE and Indivual

Your innovative partner for reinforcements with textile concrete


We supply solutions for necessary reinforcements - both in concrete and asphalt.


Using state-of-the-art technology we develop and produce reinforcing grids made of carbon, basalt and other materials - made-to-measure for your needs.

Hitexbau GmbH is a subsidiary of Albani Group GmbH & Co.KG based in Augsburg, Germany. There you will find our sales and administration. Research and development as well as production are located in Libavske Udoli,Tschechien.


Since 2015 we are working in close cooperation with both, TU Dresden and RWTH Aachen, aiming at the development of reinforcements made of carbon focussing on "textile reinforcement" for building and construction business.


We increase the market expansion and awareness of textile reinforcement among architects, engineers, construction planners and managers in concrete precast segment, road construction plus bridge buidling.


Our main focus is on technical advice for the use of our reinforcing mesh. In cooperation with our engineering office first feasability on basis of requested specifications will be checked, then we define and set the exact project dimensons.

What is textile concrete?


Reinforced concrete has long been the most widely used engineering material worldwide. Reinforced concrete is universally applicable and available almost everywhere and in sufficient quantity. it is very robust and relatively cheap.


However, there is one major disadvantage:

Reinforcing steel can corrode!


For this reason research for alternative reinforcing materials was done.


The alternative: textile concrete

A textile grid made of high tensile strenth fibers such as Carvon is embedded in the concrete.


Advantages are obvious:

No corrosion, 5 times lighter than steel, 8-times higher textile strength, very low concrete cover. With Carbon concrete very thin-walled reinforcements with enormoujs tensile strength can be realised. The procedure for the installation of the carbon grid was developed under the name of TUDALIT with general custruction supervisory apoproval of DiBT - registration number: Z-31.10-182 of TU Dresden.


Production know-how


Production takes place on state of the art weft insertion machines with online coating of carbon, basalt and glass grids.